WordPress Quick Read Plugin (Utilities)

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Your visitors might be looking for such a feature! By quickread plug-in, provide fast and quick access to your website content for your visitors You will be able to show your commercial next to your contents and provide better interactivity.

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  • Open Source
  • Very clean code
  • Install on your own WordPress and start to use it
  • Cute skin (fully customizable)
  • Commercial appearence and management
  • Social network appearance and management
  • Can deactivate the Quick Read for 768px or lower Screen resolutions
  • QucikRead button configuration.
    • Button position
    • Button width
    • Button color
    • Button font color
    • Button font size
  • Pop-up(modal window) options; “Show all” or “Limit Characters”.
  • Pop-up(modal window) theme options.
    • light_rounded
    • dark_rounded
    • light_square
    • dark_square
  • QuickRead appearance option (On Homepage , Page , Single , Catagories ).


  • 1-The Plugin works with WordPress only
  • 2-Plug-in only works with thumbail featured websites

How it Works ?