UberMenu – Icons Extension (Add-ons)

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This plugin is an extension for UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Add Font Awesome icons to any UberMenu menu item


  • Visually pick your icon for each menu item
  • Improve user navigation experience with visual cues
  • Position icons above or to the left of the item text
  • Icon-only items (Disable item text completely)
  • Easily change icon hover color
  • Icons are super crisp on retina displays

Customizable Settings

The following settings can be independently set for each of the three menu levels:

  • Icon Color
  • Icon Hover Color
  • Icon Size
  • Icon Position (left or top of text)
  • Item Padding

Font Awesome Icons by Dave Gandy

  • The FontAwesome icon set is packaged with UberMenu Icons. It can be disabled in the Control Panel if your theme already includes it
  • See all available icons (through v3.2.1)

Also used in this demo


  • UberMenu (The Icons Extension will only work with UberMenu already installed)
  • WordPress 3.6+