Tweet Highlight – WordPress Plugin (Social Networking)

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Tweet Highlight is a WordPress plugin. It allows you to make tweetable highlight text. It is:

  • Plug & Play – without needless settings. Install plugin and make your site more social
  • Lightweight – if jQuery is loaded, Tweet Highlight don’t include it
  • Simple – one shortcode without properties

Features and documentation

  • Highlight important text
  • Make highlight tweetable
  • If text inside shortcode is to long for tweet, plugin shorten it
  • Auto resize Twitter icon – depending on the font size
  • Shortcode in single post, page and archives

Documentation is included in ZIP file with plugin but you can read it online.


  • WordPress 3.0+

Usage example

When you want make tweetable highlight text use shortcode like this:

[tweetable]Interesing text to tweet.[/tweetable]