This is what every console and PC gamer was dreaming of. Finally you can personalize and customize your PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Nintendo Switch in the way you love it. 


Customizing the whole console or only the controller?

Skins, sticker and cover are very cheap and available in many different pattern, styles and designs. It is up to you if you want to change the look of your whole gaming system or just of your PS4 or Xbox One controller. If you are playing with your friends they might be surprised on how fantastic and brand new your controller look like. Many websites are offering the same old and boring designed controller, but on some shops you can find cheaper and unique looking gamepads. People have to take a step back and stop buying the overpriced original controller. Of course its great to have the original product, but products made by third party companies are mostly even better or have at least the same specifications. 

Use Nintendo Switch skins, PS4 sticker or Xbox One cover to give your console a new look. Decide what kind of design you want and apply it just within a few minutes. There are so many different kind of awesome and unique looking sticker. You will love them! Available of movies, comics, sports teams, games and much more. Take a look and check out your favorite.

eSports is getting more and more popular and so does PC gaming!

Events like the LoL World Cup, Starcraft or DOTA 2 tournaments are extremely popular all over the world. Millions of people are spending their time to watch live streams. Since a few years new games are entering eSports. These days you can see EA Sports FIFA 18 Ultimate Team stepping into the eSports by holding tournaments like the World Cup, FUT Champions Cup etc.. PC gaming is still king in eSports. Having a great PC setup is also extremely important. Its not only about the looking, the shiny colors and so on, but also about the functionality of each item. Gaming mouses, gaming keyboards and other items are more popular than ever. They shouldn’t only work perfectly, but also be ergonomic and user friendly. Xesero is one of the best online shop to get great gaming equipment. They are offering mouses, keyboards, WiFi repeater, fans and many other equipment, which will help you to become a PC professional gamer. Their strength isn’t only computer gaming, but also gaming on mobile and console. Check out Xesero’s great blog for the latest information.

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