Sorting WooCommerce Pro (WooCommerce)

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Sorting WooCommerce Pro gives you complete control over sorting the products in your WooCommerce shop page and the sorting dropdown list.


  • - Sort by custom attributes.
  • - Sort by default elements.
  • - Completely override the dropdown list or add other sorting options to it.
  • - Hide the dropdown list.
  • - Sorting Options per category (i.e. does not appear except in specific categories)
  • - Sorting Icon Shortcode! Change from ASC to DESC and vice versa using an icon! (for custom sorting options)
  • - Set your custom sorting as the default sorting (i.e. when the shop is opened).
  • - Order the elements in the list.
  • - Tested with importing data, updating product details, and saving attributes using Ajax.
  • - Supported attributes to sort with are:
    • Any WooCommerce custom attribute.
    • Date
    • Popularity (Total Sales)
    • Price
    • Weight
    • Rating
    • Menu order
    • Product title
    • SKU
    • Featured Products