NACHO Lightbox for WordPress (Galleries)

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NACHO Lightbox is an awesome WordPress plugin which helps you showcase images, videos and galleries. It is directly integrated into the WordPress editor, and it will work with your older posts. Easily customizable using the shortcode generator.


The plugin includes a responsive grid with an adjustable number of columns so that your images look perfect on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Sharp graphics on any device. The lightbox will adapt to the screen which are you using, so it will look different in portrait and landscape mode.

The plugin allows you to change images using intuitive navigation. On desktop computers, most users will prefer the keyboard arrows, while on mobile they will want to swipe to the next image. That doesn’t mean you can’t swipe with your mouse.

Other features

  • Easy to use Shortcode generator
  • Designed for every device, optimized for mobile
  • Responsive grid included
  • Sharing buttons that your visitors will love
  • Retina ready
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Replaces(or not) your gallery shortcode
  • Intuitive options panel

Video tutorials

Important notes

  • The plugin isn’t compatible with ajax themes
  • Gallery shortcode will be overwritten by the lightbox, but you can disable that from the admin panel


v1.00 ( Dec 9 2013 )
* initial release