Mini Bots PHP Class (Miscellaneous)

PHP Scripts -

This PHP class is a growing collection of small spiders and web bot that go out on the web and make some small useful jobs.

Actually the mini bots can do those things:

  1. Copy a remote url to your local server: copyFile
  2. Get IP address of the user: getIP
  3. Get geographic informations from IP address: ipToGeo
  4. Get spelling for a word using Google: doSpelling
  5. Make a Tiny URL using tiny url service: doShortURL
  6. Decode a short URL of any service: doShortURLDecode
  7. Check if an URL to an mp3 is really an mp3 file: checkMp3
  8. Check if an URL exists: url_exists
  9. Do SMTP email validation: doSMTPValidation
  10. Get infos of an URL (keywords, title, images, description, favicon…): getUrlInfo
  11. Get infos of a VIDEO URL (title, description, thumb for youtube and vimeo services): getVideoUrlInfo
  12. Read facebook counters for likes, shares, comments, clicks…: readFacebookCounters
  13. Read the numbers of time a URL has been twitted: readTwitterCounter
  14. Read Google +1s counter for an URL: readGooglePlusCounter
  15. Get Google suggested keywords for a keyword: googleSuggestKeywords
  16. Get Latitude and Longitude (georeference) from an address with Google: getLatLong
  17. Get Wikipedia definition: wikiDefinition
  18. Get Vimeo Info on a video: getVimeoInfo

Future updates will bring new mini bots for you!
To fully work need cURL module installed on your server.