Fyrebox Youtube Quiz (Media)

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Build your own Youtube Quix and install it on your website to get more youtube views and more engagement on your video ! Fyrebox Youtube Quiz allows you to have an interactive HTML5 game on your website with no coding necessary!

What would you use a Youtube quiz for?

  • Get more youtube views: A quiz is the perfect way to get your online audience to watch your video until the end!
  • Run a competition: Ask questions about a video and whoever wins the quiz get a voucher!
  • Educate your online audience : Do you an educational institution? Create a quiz about a video to test your online audience!

How to build a Fyrebox Youtube Quiz?

All the content can be customised by just editing a script or you can use the easy-to-use Youtube Code Generator, it lets you create your Youtube Quiz by just filling a form and Clicking on the “Create Youtube Quiz” button!

Main Features

  • Loads ultra fast: All the code has been minified so it won’t slow down your website
  • Can be played on all mobiles: The quiz is using HTML 5 and Javascript so it can be played on any mobile. Please note that the hangman game is not responsive meaning its size is set at 700×400 px regardless on where it is displayed (desktop or mobile)