Advanced Facebook Viral App Manager (PHP Scripts)

PHP Scripts -

Introduction :

Advanced Facebook Viral app manager is a php script which will boost traffic to your website from facebook. Its a noob friendly script which will be helpful to you increase traffic from facebook in a just few clicks. Script is easy to setup, easy to use.

How this works :

You will provide users of your website with a download link, or movie link, or video link. To continue to that link, user need to connect with our facebook application to continue

- > once user connects to our facebook app he will be redirected to the download link. We will have access to his account. We can now use this script to perform several tasks to promote our website

Script features :

  1. Bootstrap design
  2. Easy to install
  3. Update facebook status
  4. Upload image to user account and tag upto 50 friends
  5. Send notifications
  6. Send Emails
  7. Object oriented coding(easy to add new features)
  8. Free installation
  9. Free future updates
  10. Killer looks

Word from Author :

This will be one of your favorite scripts, this is easy to install. Even if you have any problem installing you can just contact me for a free install. I will be always happy to help you.