Accordion Pro JS – Responsive jQuery Accordion (Sliders)

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Accordion Pro JS is a responsive jQuery accordion plugin. Create horizontal and vertical accordions with a variety of attractive themes and customisation options.

Features include:
- Fully responsive;
- 5 unique themes (that’s themes, not colour options);
- Create horizontal and vertical accordions;
- Click or mouseover activation on desktop;
- Touch or swipe activation on mobile devices;
- Autoplay animation, easing and speed options;
- CSS3 animations for smooth, hardware-accelerated animation on mobile devices and modern browsers; jQuery fallback for older browsers;
- Right To left (RTL) support;
- Link to individual slides with an anchor tag;
- Methods to play, pause, and stop animation; and to activate the previous and next slides;
- Callbacks to trigger custom functions before and after a slide animation;
- Slide captions;
- 5 examples in the package, many more on the demo site.